Nicholls and Cooke

Ring Beams

In many intsances conservatories do not work. Without sufficient and expensive climate control they can become far too hot in the summer and far too cold in the winter. Condensation can also become a major cause for concern, especially if located near a kitchen.

Nicholls & Cooke has the solution. With the application of our Ring Beam a conventional roof can be fitted above a continuous wall of windows. Not only does this retain the same panoramicadvantages of a conservatory but also it utilises the insulation properties of a standard roof. This means that as far more stable environment is created throughout the year. This creates many environmental advantages over a conservatory. Less energy is needed to heat and cool the room so less power is required. not only does this mean it is cheaper to run but also less carbon is produced and from this, less waste energy. At a time when we are all becoming increasingly aware of the effects our lives are having on the environment, Nicholls & Cooke is offering a solution which can reduce your energy consumption and related CO2 emissions. Good for the environment, good for your wallet.

The Ring Beam also requires less maintenance, provides better security and has far longer life expectancy than a conservatory.